What rooms are you teaching in?  Run a speedtest on the machines in those rooms next chance you get.

Keep in mind that many locations on campus are still running on Cabletron hubs (not switches) and you’re getting 8 Mbps shared bandwidth on a good day.  Plus the ‘Trons will saturate and need

Wireless is more modern than the ‘Trons and can give you bandwidth in excess of 54 Mbps, but it is also shared and if you have a room full of students on laptops all connecting to the same WAP, things are going to slow down.


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i dont use my computer in the classroom i use the computer that is in the classroom. i assumed they were hardwired but maybe they are not?

students experience slowness in more places than just the classrooms.

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When you are having trouble loading pages in class is your computer connected wirelessly or wired?

I'd have to check on the specifics of the Rowell and Waterman classrooms but I don't believe they have a data port per seat so I expect the students are connecting wirelessly.


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[log in to unmask]" type="cite" class=""> I was wondering if anyone else was having trouble with using the web on campus. i find it going very slow in my classes. Many times i stop the page loading and hit refresh which works faster. Some pages never seem to load.

My students have complained about the web going slow but they attribute that to wireless. i am assuming the classrooms are hardwired but maybe that is not the case.

classrooms would be votey 209, rowell 110, waterman 427.

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