Microsoft recommends the 32-bit version by default, because some vendors ([cough]Adobe[/cough]) haven’t made 64-bit versions of their Office plugins ([cough]Acrobat[/cough]). If third-party plugins aren’t an issue, then it’s really up to you.


If all folks want to do is convert Word documents to PDFs, there are alternatives. PDFCreator is a little rough in the UI, but it’s free and available via Software Center; Windows 10 features a native print-to-PDF function (finally caught up with other OSes).


If folks want to convert documents to PDFs, and then (down-the-road) convert the PDFs to Word documents so the document can be updated, why not leave the document as a Word Doc? Anyone can read a Word doc via the free viewer app or Google Docs, etc. PDF conversion is a somewhat lossy process.




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Are we still recommending 32 bit Office versus 64 bit?




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The additional bits required to activate Office 2016 have been installed on our KMS server, and the server has been authorized to perform activations by Microsoft.  Currently I see that 11 instances of Office 2016 already have been activated by the server, so it looks like we are in business.

At some point we will look into authorizing the KMS server to perform Active Directory based activations, which will allow modern clients (i.e. Windows 8 and later) to activate Microsoft products without the need to look up DNS SRV records.  This will help with those pesky virtual machine activation issues that crop up from time to time, but will require that your VMs be joined to the Campus AD domain.

-J. Greg Mackinnon | ETS Systems Architecture and Administration | x68251

On 10/5/2015 9:00 AM, Harjit Dhaliwal wrote:


You jumped the guns before we are able to configure KMS activations. Therefore, an announcement to the list on the availability of Office 2016 has not happened yet. Standby and we'll get this sorted out soon.


On 10/5/2015 8:57 AM, Mickey Mossey wrote:

I love new things.


So, I installed Office 2016 Pro Plus from S:\software\MS-Vol-License\Windows\Office2016_ProPlus_32bit this morning.


Upgrade of 2013 went fine, but now I’m being told that “Product Activation Failed” on all of the products.


What is necessary to remedy this?




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