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Statute allows you to do one of 2 things:

1.       Print all the language on the ballot, or

2.       Print a general approval question on the ballot and post all the
language in the voting booths.  


There are pros & cons to both.  If you print all the language on the ballot,
you can actually have voters vote on each individual section separately.
However, if you do one general question and post the language in the voting
booths, the general question has to be for the complete charter changes, and
it’s one yes or no vote – up for down for everything.  But the cost of
printing ballots is less.


Here’s the way we’ve worded charter revisions – both versions:

Version 1

Warning language


Shall the Barre City voters amend the City of Barre Charter as summarized


Following is a summary of those proposed amendments:

*	Chapter 1, Powers of the City

*	Amendments include change of chapter title; standardization of
statutory references; updated corporate powers to associated with
acquisition of real estate, power to tax, acceptance and administration of
gifts, etc., creation of tax increment financing districts, establishment of
departments; authority to adopt ordinances related to public improvements,
stormwater, firearms, parking and operation of motor vehicles, nuisances,
garbage and rubbish, taxicabs, peddling, gambling, amusement devices,
exhibitions, riots and disturbances, offensive properties, animals,
fireworks, use of streets and parking, land use, pawn shops, consignment
shops and those who purchase and sell goods, valuables and antiquities;
expanding publication options, moving all of Chapter VII to the end of
Chapter I.

*	Chapter II, Elections and City Meetings

*	Amendments include standardization of statutory references;
clarification of the office of clerk and treasurer; standardization of the
term “councilor” in place of the term “alderman”; language added to explain
the election of high school board members; language added to clarify the
process for filling a school board vacancy.

*	Chapter V, Departments and Boards, Article IX. Board of School

*	Amendments include clarification of school board authority over
Barre City Elementary and Middle School; clarification of school board
authority over the superintendent.

*	Chapter V, Department of Boards, Article XII. Housing Board of
Review and Governance of Security Departments

*	Amendments include standardization of statutory references;
expansion of powers to include landlord and tenant issues as designated by
City Council.

*	Chapter VI, Taxation

*	Amendments include allowing the City Council to create an
undesignated fund balance with unexpended budget funds.

*	Chapter VII, General Provisions

*	Amendments include moving all language in this chapter to the end of
Chapter I.


The complete wording of the proposed amendments is available for review and
copying in the office of the City Clerk, and will be posted in the voting


Ballot language

Article XXIII – Shall the Barre City Voters amend the City of Barre Charter,
Chapters I, II, V, VI and VII as warned (complete text of changes is posted
in the voting booths)?



Version 2 – we listed each section separately.  Here’s an example of one


Shall Chapter I and Chapter 7 of the Barre City Charter be hereby amended as


Note:    [--]  Brackets/strikethrough indicate deletions

                ___  Underline/bold indicates additions


Sec. 204. Polling Places.

All annual and special elections and meetings shall be held at a central
polling place in the city to be designated by the council and which location
is to be set forth in the warning.  The conduct of said elections and
meetings shall conform where applicable to the requirements as set forth in
[Chapter 55, Subchapter 2 of Title l7, V.S.A.] 17 V.S.A. §§2640-2667.


Sec. 205. Officers elected.

The legal voters shall elect biennially a mayor, [a city clerk and
treasurer, and] a first constable, and one person to serve as clerk and
treasurer.  Annually, the legal voters of each ward shall elect from among
the legal voters of their respective wards, one [alderman] councilor for a
term of two (2) years  Annually, the legal voters shall elect three school
commissioners to serve for a term of three years. (Amend. of 3/02/82,
4/21/93, 3/2/10)


                The legal voters shall elect annually Spaulding Union High
School District school board members in the manner, number and term limit as
is specified in the Barre City/Barre Town Union High School Agreement, dated
November 30, 1986, or any such successor document.


Ballot language was identical.




Carolyn S. Dawes CVC CVT

Barre City Clerk/Treasurer

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Barre, VT  05641

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Just wondering if there are any towns out there who have had a charter vote
recently? I am looking for a sample ballot-this is a first for us and the
charter language that has been drawn up by our board is 3 pages long with 7
subsections-not sure how to do this-do I just make a ballot that includes
all of that language with a yes no box at the end? Thanks-anything would be
greatly appreciated