Good Morning,

When I compared last year's file format to this year's, I found the
following differences:

   1. Definition of Valid Values for GradeLevelWhenAssessed changed to add
   a leading zero for single digit grade levels.
   2. LEPStatus only has a valid value of Y for Yes rather than Y or N.
   3. EconomicDisadvantageStatus now has a valid value of Y for Yes or N
   for No rather than Y for Yes or blank.
   4. EnglishLanguageProficiencyLevel now has valid value of Y for Yes or
   blank rather than just Y for Yes.
   5. MigrantFg is now called Migrant Status
   6. FirstEntryDateIntoUSSchool (ELL students only),
   LimitedEnglishProficiencyEntryDate, and LEPExit Date valid format is now
   MMDDYYYY rather than YYYY-MM-DD.
   7. PaperTester has been removed as a field.
   8. Userdefinedname1 and 2 are up to 35 characters rather than 30
   9. ResidentTownCode can now be 35 characters rather than 30.
   10. AssessmentSchoolYear is a new field with a valid value of 2015-2016.

Our PowerSchool Programmer set up a SQL Report that I used last year to
update TIDE. I gave him this list of changes, he updated the report and I
was able to update TIDE, by school, quite quickly last week.

Good luck everyone,


Kim Fiske Gawor
Educational Assessment Manager
Chittenden Central Supervisory Union
51 Park Street
Essex Junction, VT 05452
(802) 879-5579, Option 5 for the Office of Curriculum
(802) 857-7000, ext. 4006 My Office <>

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 8:39 AM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]>

> Marcia
> Thanks for mentioning this item about special characters.
> The only issue I had was that my export was built last year and there seem
> to be a couple of different fields now.
> AssessmentSchoolYear
> PaperTester
> DeleteStudent -> DeleteFg
> R
> As I say the only places I had the import fail were the 2 schools where
>> the students had special characters in their names.
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