So its official there  will be a  screening in Burlington starts at 6:00 at
the Generator

with special guest Matt Dunne and Marguerite Dibble (from GAMETHEORY)

If we could get a dozen educators  or perhaps some young people (girls or
boys)  it would be a great opportunity to 'ask'  for what we need to make
computer science an option in more schools.

If you are in driving distance and have Monday night free,  please consider
joining us at the Generator.   T

I posted updated information here

If you will do a screening in your community,  please add your numbers to
the RSVP form found here. Not only will this provide a count of Vermont
participants, but it will make you eligible for some a few participation
door prizes.

I put the link to the Voicethread you can use to participate in a virtual
discussion on this page to..

Whose in?

Lucie deLaBruere

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