we have provided a MiFi (using Norton ConnectSafe filtering, thanks Craig Lyndes) on loan for use outside of school.

This is usually for field trips, etc but did once however include semester long home use where a student signed up for an in-person class, but ended up in an online class.

The student had a computer at home, but no internet access, and could not stay after school to work on assignments, etc

Since we felt that was a situation the school created, and couldn't find any other solution for, we covered the cost.

We are not in a Comcast region, so that option doesn't apply for us.

Prior to promoting access at home, I would think access on school buses would come up more, I know at least a few schools have done that here (and more around the country).


But, curious whether anyone out there has a program/policy about providing home access to any students?


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