I am looking into this but have not tried to get it working yet.

Seems that the replacement for Youtube for schools



Will allow teachers full access and students certain access

"Administrators can approve accounts for unrestricted acces"

Or are you saying you are using Restricetd Youtube (whatever they are calling it) and teachers are full restricted?


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The problem is both educators and students appear to be under the same rule.  I"m ok with students being blocked,  but not my colleagues. It seems strange that you tube does not it set up access separately.  The easy work around is sign into your own personal Gmail account,  but does not work in locked down chrome books.   Many of our educators have videos saved, on their accounts but now cannot view vids without admin approving them.  I checked with our admin, but no luck.  Are we missing the admin button? Gives teacher access to all youtube?


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