And if your'e gonna be ROCKIN   and JAMMING  we might as well get PHYSICAL...on Friday morning

Friday morning's session is a chance for anyone  of YOU who does ANY type of coding with physical objects  ( Sphero! Ozobot! KEBO! Dash and Dot! LittleBits! Makey Makey, Parrot Drone,  PicoBoard! Raspberry Pi!  .. Arduino..  to demo what you got  or let your peers get their hands on some fun ways to make with CODE.
We're even thinking of having a TICKLE RODEO  (with prizes)   
So why not download TICKLE  and bring  one of these devices  and show off what you can and do when you combine code with a physical object.

This will be a collaborative conversation where we get PHYSICAL with CODE!  

Please reach out to me off  or on list ([log in to unmask])  if you would be willing to bring an object for the  anticipated Tickle Rodeo! 

With all this Rocking and Jamming and Getting Physical with Code.. VermontFest is going to be a super Good Time!  

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 9:48 AM, Elizabeth McCarthy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
After you've been "Rockin" with Lucie, come "Jam" with GEG  Vermont on Thursday at 1:30.  No Slamming, just Jamming...come share your Google tips and tricks in a 3-4 minute presentation. Learn more about GEG Vermont and share your Google tips and tricks with Google Apps, Chrome Web Apps and Add-ons.​ Please sign up today and send the form to others in your school or district who might have a Google tip or two.

Elizabeth McCarthy, MAT
Digital Learning Specialist
Google for Education Certified Trainer

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 9:23 AM, Ed Barry <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Fellow Listers:


Could you do us a favor... could you please send the following to at least one person in your school/district that you think may be a good candidate to attend Vermont Fest.



Vermont Fest Technology Conference is a great venue to explore new ideas for implementing technology in your classroom…  and you are sure to pick up teaching techniques that make integration easier or more manageable.  In addition, you will network with great Vermont K-12 educators who are willing to share their successes and challenges.  


It is a fun filled conference with lots of options for various learning styles.  Do you like to watch and listen… we have that.  Do you like to get involved in energizing (sometimes passionate) educational conversations… got that too.  How about hands-on learning… we have lots of opportunities for that.  How about just getting together with like-minded educators to informally discuss a topic of interest… yep, you will also have those opportunities.  Heck, you can even go to a session in the famous outdoor heated swimming pool… really!!


Our vendors will display the latest in technology innovation and offer services that you may not yet be aware of… and they give out some great gifts and prizes.


You owe it to your self to check out the Program.  Please take a minute and visit the VT Fest site… 


or… go directly to the program…


Here are just a few sample sessions…


Look Mom...I really did do something at school! How Proficiency-based Electronic Portfolios Bridge the Gap between Home and School.

Beth Brodie & Students


PLPs - The Power is Elementary!

Jackie Wilson, Melissa Rice, Patti Lea, Amanda Thomas

Not so Apparent- Chromebooks Tips & Tricks

Jessica Wilson


GEG Vermont: Apps & Add-Ons Jam Session- A Collaborative Conversation

Elizabeth McCarthy


Developing Transferable Skills in a Small Maker's Space

Jamie Gallagher


Immigrants Tell Their Stories

Jennifer Parker


Squishy Circuits:  Electrify your Mini-Makers Imaginations!

Patti Tursi & Julie Rogers


K-2 Tech Stars 2.0

Nicolette Raney


Just the Tip of the Iceberg: E-learning in a High School Classroom

Susan Blethen & Vitaliy Kulapin


@vermontkkids123: How We Connect Globally

Sharon Davison


… and sooooooo much more!!!


Check it out!!





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