Hi Diane, et al.,

Weighing in on audio books for schools... it's a bit like Vermont
weather...'if you don't like it wait ten minutes.'  Both audiobook and
ebook content is constantly evolving and controlled by publishers, but
depending on what kind of content--fiction, nonfiction, textbooks, there
are options.

Playaways are becoming old technology--although most school libraries have
them in their collections-- and are being replaced by downloadable
content.  The biggest vendors right now are Overdrive, Audible, Ebsco, and
Follett.  The plus side is that content is hosted in the cloud and the
vendors all have built in digital rights management with check in/out.  The
minus is that audio book vendors are at the mercy of publishers who control
content and lease it to schools (you cancel your subscription and you lose
the content, or lease is limited to a year or two, and then you are
required to purchase the book again).

For students with reading disabilities (visual impairment, dyslexia,etc.)
there is Learning Ally for textbooks and BARD from the Library of Congress

Another great option for audio reading materials (not books) that is
sometimes overlooked is Vermont Online Library.  All of their content is
accessible through a text reader, although not 'performed' by humans, the
digital voice is decent.

Hope this helps!

Linda McSweeney

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> Has anyone had experience with "Playaways"?
> What are other schools doing for making audio books available to
> students/staff?
> Any input is greatly appreciated!
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