We are one step closer to eliminating all the frustrating requirements for the Oracle collections.

It is really a baby step (the big step (SLDS) is still down the road), but we have a way for you to input your information into the Census without Java or SSL version headaches.


We stood up a Remote Desktop Server.

It is pretty locked down, but it can run internet explorer has the correct version of Java and SSL v3 is enabled.

Opens the fall census as it homepage.


If you have a user(s) you would like us to setup to connect through our server please contact me [log in to unmask]

We will need:

firstname, lastname, Schoolname (or SU), emailaddress.

In a CSV file if you have more than a couple users who need access.

We will get back to you (hopefully in less than 24 hours).


Hope this helps

Morgan Ecklund

Systems Administrator

Vermont Agency of Education

802 479 1095




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