It really takes no time to upload the students into the system; there is even a template to use. I did ours school by school as a precaution, but if there are no special characters in the student’s names there should be no problem. I simply made a query from Infinite Campus and all of the fields were filled in, and then bang upload. As I say the only places I had the import fail were the 2 schools where the students had special characters in their names.


Have a good Day


Marcia J. Noyes

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Subject: SBAC not using census data for 2015-16


Dear List


So apparently there are zero students in SBAC this year (none carried over) and the student list won't be updated via the census like it was last year.


For 2015-16 I was fortunate enough to avoid using CSVs to upload students (we only had a handful of additions and subtractions) but that is not going to be an option this time around.


Am I the only one who missed the memo on this change?






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