Hi all:

Just returned from the E-rate annual training seminar and would like to share some news soon on some webinars.   Keep tuned for those.. coming soon!

But, I would like to have a couple of well-versed E-rate applicants to join me on the webinars.  If you are or you know of someone that has a good handle on E-rate application processes and nuances, please let me know.  I have good knowledge of the program, but could use some field assistance as I typically do not go through a regular application process.  It is also really helpful for me to have a small "bank" of helpful E-rate applicants in case some of your neighbors take on a new person not yet versed in the process.  Again, I feel comfortable getting people started and can find answers for folks pretty quickly, but having someone as a mentor is great too.  So, let me know if you can assist in that way.


We are now.. (applicable for Funding Year 2016) a Pre-K eligible E-rate state!  So, going forward, you can count your Pre-K students in your overall E-rate F/R numbers.  Remember, this is applicable for the year that we will be starting in July 2016, not the season that is currently starting to wrap up.   I had official word on this about 10 days ago and they have since updated the USAC relevant pages<> to reflect this.   So, moving forward don't forget to include your Pre-K numbers, including Head Start where applicable.

I have been responding to some requests for verification of data, ALWAYS happy to do that for folks.  Just send me an email, I can usually get that back to you pretty quickly.  The new EPC system within USAC's application pages, that you have been using this year, will eventually allow for State level verifications to be made within that system.

All for now.   Thanks


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