Hi Will,

Will not arrive until prior to BP Rd 1 but can register any time after that. 

Have changes lost a student to illness today. So I will combine debaters to create a 3-person team (Luke Radice, Pastor Arroyo, and Meteor Li will debate together) the other 2 teams are intact (Jackson Smith/Matthew Abrahamsen and Antonio de la Barra Rocha/Shreyas Kadaba). I need 2 judges and will remove Lauren Phillips from the judging pool.

Thanks, Will. Look forward to seeing you.



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Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 7:25 AM
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Subject: Aztec Invitational Addendum: Parking, Registration, and Schedule

Good day,
On-site registration for the Aztec will begin on Thursday, 10/1 at 4:00pm in the School of Communication, Comm 225 & 226. We will remain open until 8:00pm. If you are unable to make this time frame, not to worry! We will continue accepting registration on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday morning we will be available to register your teams from 7:00am-7:45am, and by appointment.
The School of Communication is located in the center of campus, connected to Hepner Hall. A Google Maps link is available here (with turn by turn navigation!!): https://goo.gl/2m0lek
If you have Google Maps installed on your smartphone, simply tap that link, and it will show you the walking distance from the official parking structure to us, with turn by turn navigation! Otherwise, it will pull up a list of directions that should prove to be helpful.
Speaking of parking...
The official parking structure for the tournament is PS6, as opposed to the previously stated structure. You will not be ticketed if you park in this structure (PS6) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you park in a different structure on the days of the tournament, your vehicle(s) will be subject to university citation. If you come to register on Thursday, you will be required to purchase a temporary parking pass on-site if you park in any university lot in which a pass is required. 

Our Director of Forensics, Danny Iberri-Shea, sent out this additional addendum below to other debate listservs. If you are registering in multiple formats, this could apply to you. 
I just wanted to post a few important notes that may help teams navigate their final entry decisions.  First of all, to clarify, we are offering 2 tournaments, with part one (debate only) starting on Friday, which is officially part of the Aztec Tournament, and part 2 starting on Sat., which is an IE only tournament, hosted by Palomar College (this was the only available day they could host).  The IE portion of "part 1" (the Aztec) is occurring on Sunday.  The schedule in the invite also reflects this information, due to the overlapping nature of our tournaments, necessary to achieve our multi-format tournament objective.
All debate activities are associated, and to be entered under the Aztec Invitational Part 1.
LD conflicts: Any competitors doing NFA-LD may not enter any other events in pattern B, but may do up to the allowed 3 events in pattern A (unless also doing any version of 2x2 team debate).
As far as IE conflicts with debate activities on Sunday, here is the deal: teams wishing to enter students into pattern A events (which do conflict with the ongoing parli debate), may opt to place their NPDA debaters into pattern A AND B (which is already not conflicting) events, with the full knowledge and assumption of risk, that if those NPDA teams qualify for elimination rounds, that they must chose between dropping their pattern A events, or continuing on in debate.  Since we hiring judges based on need, such drops during the tournament would not be refundable.
Advice: If you think your team debaters have a chance at doing well, consider sticking to the "avoid pattern A events" mantra, to prevent wasted entries.  Exceptions to this policy may be made by the tournament director and/or tabulation staff, if the situation is reasonable and the tournament is otherwise running on time.
The Paul Gaske Award has been fully backed again this year, with a $500.00 cash prize for the top single competitor, who competes in BOTH team debate (2x2) and individual events.  This will be based on points accumulated throughout the Aztec portion (part 1) of the tournament.
Judges: Please be aware that unless already arranged, judges for LD, need to be in the LD pool (under debate), if they are covering LD entries.  We need to make sure that we have sufficient LD judges, and tend to keep that pool consistent.
Awards: Just for fun, I thought I would throw out the fact that when added up, we have 580 awards to give away!  Each partner in partnering events (e.g., debate and duo) will receive separate hardware, and we want to give as much away as possible. :)
We can't wait to have you this weekend! See you soon!
Go Aztecs!
Will Reilley Silberman