I am new to VT and to Dead Creek. My friend and I were the ones who were
inquiring about the arrival of the Snow Geese the other day--just want to
thank you for this information and update, not only about the geese but for
the other species we might expect to see there. Thank you!

Good birding,
Middlebury VT

On Sun, Oct 11, 2015 at 11:58 PM, Isis Erb <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I know a few folks were asking about the arrival of the Snow Geese at
> the Dead Creek Goose Viewing station - as of today there were roughly 300
> of them, so it would appear that the arrival has begun. As of now the
> western end of the Viewing platform still has corn stalks, so you'd only be
> able to see the geese on the eastern side where the corn has been cut. You
> may also see a glimpse of white from Rte 22A heading south, just past the
> intersection of 22A & Rte 17.
> Dave Hof and I saw them from Gage Rd, but a scope was required to see them
> well & count them. [Gage Rd is located on the right hand side of the
> road, about an 1/8th of a mile south of 22A & 17.]
> So if you're in the general area I'd start checking weekly to see the
> numbers climb. While there we also had the following birds:
>  a flock of about 25 American Pipits,
> 1 Northern Harrier,
> 1 Eastern Meadowlark,
> 3 American Kestrels,
> lots of Turkey Vultures & Canada Geese,
> 4 Rock Pigeons,
> 6 American Crows,
> 1 Bald Eagle,
> 2+ Savannah Sparrows,
> Song Sparrow(s)
> White-throated Sparrow
> Despite the strong winds the birding was quite nice (but then when isn't
> birding nice?)!
> Enjoy birds,
> Isis Erb
> Burlington, VT