Along this subject line, PBS's Newshour this evening ran a piece about Golden Eagle fatalities from wind turbines which included some geo-tracked eagles which were killed.  Some glimmers of good news re installation of bigger (and therefore, for now fewer) turbines,but most of the story would sicken birders.  One specific turbine alone killed 10 eagles in 10 years.  The piece focused on Altamont Pass wind turbines in California.  -Ken Archambault, Birmingham, Alabama  

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 That is too darned cool Liz!!!

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> I just watched (2:15pm) an adult Golden Eagle as it slowly drifted south
> over Stowe, at the Community Gardens on the Mayo Farm.
> It was fairly low and spent a lot of time circling, even flapping
> occasionally, especially when a crow came in to harass it.
> Finally it headed south out of sight.
> With such a great look at it I noticed that it had an odd profile,
> especially when it was facing me head on in a glide.  There seemed to be an
> extra “little head” above the golden maned one.  Almost like a blackbird
> was hitching a ride!  But I could zoom in enough as the bird got closer to
> see that it was square shaped, and could only be a transmitter of some sort.
> I would love to find out if anyone on the list knows who I could report
> this too.
> So here’s to looking up, and carefully.  You never know what wonders await
> us.
> Liz Lackey
> Stowe, VT