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Are you an instruction librarian who wishes to explore new ways to engage students in the classroom?  If so, we want to hear from you!

We are investigating the various teaching strategies instruction librarians use in their classes to engage students.  We are inviting participants to complete a short, anonymous questionnaire.  This questionnaire is intended for all instruction librarians who teach one-shot, who are embedded, or teach "credit-bearing" classes (online or face-to-face) in academic institutions. Although teaching does occur at the reference desk, we are focusing on classroom instruction.

The URL of this short online questionnaire is located at:

Since launching this questionnaire last October (2014), we have collected over 700 responses. We're hoping to reach 1000 participants.

This questionnaire is voluntary and anonymous. Your name, email address, or IP address cannot be identified. All data is anonymous.

You may wish to withdraw from participating in this questionnaire at any time. By completing the questionnaire, you are giving your consent to have your responses used in an accompanying study (a book), which will be published in October 2016. Information can be found here:

Our research has been reviewed by the College of Staten Island (CUNY) and York College (CUNY) IRB Offices.

If you have any questions, please contact the Principal Investigator (Mark Aaron Polger) below.

Thanks so much,

Mark Aaron Polger, Assistant Professor

First Year Experience Librarian

College of Staten Island Library, City University of New York
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Scott Sheidlower, Associate Professor

Head of Circulation & Archivist

York College Library, City University of New York
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