Hi MEDLIB-L members,

This is a second of three notices about the invitation listed below to
partner in a free, multi-year pilot program of Medumail Alerts.  Please
don't hesitate to reach out if there are questions that are keeping you
from considering this opportunity.  I will begin talking to interested
organizations during the week of Nov 2nd so please notify me before then if
you're interested in being part of this pilot.  Thank you!

Best Regards,


Mark Paris, Ph.D.
Principle and Founder
Medumail LLC.
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On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 3:00 PM, Mark Paris <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Dear MEDLIB-L members,
> I'm questioning the wisdom of sending this email today ... but here it
> goes.  ;-)
> With MEDLIB-L’s permission, I am reaching out to the list with the hope of
> soliciting a library partner to explore implementation of my Pubmed®-based,
> current-awareness alerting tool called Medumail Alerts for your healthcare
> professionals.
> *This isn’t a sales pitch and there’s no charge for working together on
> this opportunity*.
> This is a new direction for my organization and the utility within the
> context of medical libraries is yet unknown.  Therefore, I will select a
> limited number of organizations to work with (probably one academic center
> and one hospital, although that's TBD).  The gory details of this pilot
> program can be found on this web site:
>  If interested, please take a few
> moments to review.  I’m more than happy to answer questions and invite
> feedback either through this list or directly to my email listed below.
> Here’s what I think your organization could gain from this;
> 1. Working directly with your healthcare staff, you will create/provide an
> excellent, automated, Pubmed®-based search tool that will potentially …
> 2. Increase exposure of peer-reviewed articles among your healthcare
> staff.
> 3. Increase requests for full text of articles.
> 4. Increase exposure to your services and thereby improve the
> profile/value of your department.
> 5. Gather journal usage information based not on full text requests but on
> abstract read rates.  This may prove to be more accurate through the
> generation of more data points.
> My purpose will be to determine if my application works in a medical
> library environment through the generation of user data, feedback from
> library administration and hospital staff, and cost-analysis (cost to run
> versus value).   Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to
> hearing from you.
> With Best Regards,
> Mark
> Mark Paris, Ph.D.
> Principle and Founder
> Medumail LLC.
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