Hi all,

Just a couple of highlights from a busy weekend of hiking and birding:

On Saturday morning, I heard and briefly saw a Swainson's Thrush at the
parking lot in Lincoln Gap while leaving the car for a hike up Mount Abe.
Although I didn't have my binoculars, the bird repeatedly gave the
distinctive 'whit' or 'pit' call, and in a naked-eye view of the upperparts
from behind I did not notice that the tail was at all orange. Although I
didn't realize it at the time, this represents a very late record of the
species in Vermont. Further along the trail, I heard a flyover flock of
Pine Siskins and there were two Snow Buntings quietly feeding on the

This afternoon, I made it up to the mouth of Dead Creek in Vergennes where
the three previously reported Hudsonian Godwits provided outstanding views.
Two of the birds are adults, including one missing a leg, while the third
is a juvenile, offering a nice comparison. Although I was initially struck
by the difference in size and bill length between two of the birds, I
watched each bird stretch its wings at different points and the black
underwing linings unquestionably made them all HUGOs. For those who are
interested, photos are embedded in my eBird checklist:

Good birding,
Don Jones
Middlebury, VT / Laramie, WY