Any sightings on Saturday of this bird?

Mona Bearor
South Glens Falls, NY

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I haven't seen any posts about this yet so here it goes:

Ted Murin and others found a Lark Sparrow at Thompson's Point in Charlotte
this morning.  The bird was later seen by several birders including Jim Mead
and myself, and it was still being seen as of at least 11:30 AM.  The bird
was along the road near where the asphalt ends as you drive into Thompson's
Point.  On the gravel and grass at the edge of the road and in similar
"habitat" south of the road.  Loosely associated with a flock of robins and
waxwings.  Sorry for the quick post.  No doubt others will post more details
and photos later here and on ebird.

Scott Morrical

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