Yesterday Ron Payne and I surveyed seven stops along 9.4 lake miles of 
Lake Champlain south of the Champlain Bridge from McCuen Slang in 
Bridport to Stoney Cove in Shoreham.  Bird species and numbers were 
pretty typical of this time of year.  On this particular day there 
seemed very little movement of birds from one location to another.

Here is a total of the lake birds seen.  Large flocks were counted by 
individuals, usually as clicker counts.

Scaup    2050
      (Lesser Scaup 1830)
      (Greater Scaup 220)
Canada Goose (migrants high overhead)    215
Canada Goose (on the lake)    186
Common Goldeneye    175
Mallard    154
Hooded Merganser    82
Bufflehead    52
Common Merganser    24
Ruddy Duck    21
Ring-necked Duck    13
Long-tailed Duck    9
American Black Duck    7
Red-throated Loon    4
Common Loon    3
White-winged Scoter    2
Pied-billed Grebe    2
Red-necked Grebe    1
Redhead    1
Ring-billed Gull    729
Herring Gull    7
Great Black-backed Gull    1
Great Blue Heron    3
Double-crested Cormorant     3
Bald Eagle    2
Greater Yellowlegs    1
Also of interest:

Gray Catbird at Jones Dock Road
Northern Mockingbird at north end of Lake Road, Bridport