Thank you!  Very nice! --Ken Archambault, Alabama 

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 Just had to share something I read on the NY list serv. This is courtesy of
Larry Trachtenberg:

*I'm reading this funny, intelligent somewhat irreverent novel called “the
wallcreeper” by Nell Zink -- about birding, (in)fidelity, eco”terrorism”,
love and which takes place mostly in Europe  -- Bern(e),
Berlin, the Steckby-Lödderitzer Forest, Albania, with a brief stop in
Tukwila, Washington **State--- anyway there's a wonderful passage about
gulls I thought perfectly summed them up: "the many eerie transformations
they undergo on their way from being indistinguishable to being basically

I hope some of you enjoyed that description of gulls as much as I did.

Happy Birding,

Isis Erb
Burlington, VT