I picture someone water skiing and coming up to a fire that is spread across the water (oil is lighter than water) and there is a big oil fire.  They zoom through the fire, their ski catches on fire as they fly through and tah dah!  They need the ICD-10 code for that!  Or maybe I have this all wrong.  Time to go home.....  --Audrey

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Water skis afire?  This is so Zen--like the sound of one hand clapping.

...and wouldn't the flaming water skis self-extinguish if one slowed down?

Susan Shelly

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I'm reasonably certain that every one of these things has actually happened, but I have to say that #12 (V91.07) boggles the imagination. Just how can that happen?

(If you don't want to check ICD-10 or the article, I put the entry below Lee's signature.)

Fred King
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Lower extremities show an absent right ankle compared to the left.
--Medical Chart (alleged)

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Here's another collection of new entries.  Everyone is sure to enjoy #9, and Fred, here's the answer (#17) to your jet engine, sucked in by

Lee Hover, D. Med. Hum.

Lacey, WA

 V91.07: Burn due to water skis on fire.

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