The first in a series of melodramatic posts for 2015-6.....

I needed something with more vertical than Wachusett for today and something with snowmaking and brutal grooming to ensure I had a positive ski mountaineering experience.  Mount McSludge - ooops - Mount Snow was the answer.  I had not skied there since 1985.

I got a late start and got a bit of a run around getting an Uphill Ticket, but the good folks at Mount Snow pulled it together and provided me with a ticket with good customer service including encouragement. Up into the heavens I went at a nice 1500+ VPH pace on Long John.  A ski instructress advised me to go closer to the side - a sign that Mount Snow has this uphill thing really dialed in.  My first downhill run was down Cascade. Yikes, that headwall seemed terrifyingly steep which it really wasn't but first turns are usually awkward. Conditions were actually outstanding - nice damp packed powder.  Even with such good conditions, my turns were tentative.  But whaddya' know, on my 3rd downhill run, it all came together and I enjoyed some fine turns implementing techniques that have been drilled into me in classes/clinics over the past few years.  A can of Tuckerman Pale Ale stashed in my truck went down real well as my reward for a nice well earned day.

Mark P. Renson
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