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To save Andrea the time and effort please see the below rules regarding the Isogeochem postings. Recently there has been a bit of "active confusion" regarding commercial posting. This seems to have been catalysed by my trigger happy email response that should have gone to people directly and not to the list. My apologies to anyone who may have been offended and it seems a shame that others may have attempted to use this to their own gain.

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List Serve Commercial Advertising Rules

  *   There has been some concern about commercial advertising on the ISOGEOCHEM list serve. Because of rules set forth by the University of Vermont, commercial advertising is not allowed on ISOGEOCHEM. Users who repeatedly ignore this rule will be removed from the list.

  *   Some examples of commercial advertising include (but are not limited to):

"The (insert lab name) is currently offering A and B analyses at a cost of $X. Please contact the lab for more information."
"Company X has just opened in (insert country, state, province) and is offering a discount rate for clients."

  *   There will be times when this rule falls into an area not well defined in regards to commercial advertising (i.e. a subscriber on the list asks for the best piece of equipment to perform a specific analysis or preparation. This could potentially lead to multiple pieces of equipment being listed. This answer, in turn, could be very beneficial to the entire ISOGEOCHEM community.)

  *   Because of the need for very specific advice related to instrumentation there will be times when manufacturers should respond to certain questions (as they are the experts for their particular instrumentation). This should not be interpreted by anyone on the list as a manufacturer advertising services. In the past, many manufacturers have been posting replies off list to avoid being charged with advertising their company. Many times these off list replies could benefit more than just the person who asked the original question.