We bought a four-camera system from Supercircuits and hooked it up ourselves for our footbridge, where the issue was vandalism.  It was inexpensive.  The wiring is straightforward.  But the setup is different depending on what you want to secure.  You can buy a DVR recorder for $100.  Cameras for around $50, unless you need closeups, high resolution, low-light. 


But if you want to know who is coming in your building, you will need real-time monitoring, rather than, for example, just wanting to know who scrawled the graffiti after the fact.  Who will do the monitoring? What is the plan if you see someone coming in with a weapon?  How much warning time can the cameras give you?


Joel Cope

Town of Brighton





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I use Mountain View Security Systems, 479-5361, for my home alarm system, and I know they do cameras. Doug is very professional and will do a walk-through and recommend what you need and where. They design a system just for what you need. They also do our fire alarm system at the town hall. We have not installed cameras yet, but we have thought about it.


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Subject: Security Systems/Cameras


We are looking for recommendations for companies that install security camera systems for our Town Hall.


How many others have them and if so, are you happy with them? Any suggestions as to what questions we should ask and what we should look for?


Thanks in advance.



Assistant Town Clerk/Treasurer