To add to the general discussion... we also ask for postage and hold recording for pick up. We then return any unclaimed documents at our cost at the end of December and the end of June. 

We keep the paperwork, including the cover letter from the sending organization, clipped together.If there is more than one "packet" of recording, they go into a large envelope with the name of the attorney/firm across the top. 

We have a file rack on the counter in our vault and the recording is put in the divided areas (with names of firms or individuals grouped into a section alphabetically), which has worked very well. It is organized and researchers just check it. We also remind them to check it. Again, this has worked very well. You just have to be organized and clear when you set it up, so you can put your hands on all recording in the vault. 

On related topic, there is a column on our recording log (aka day book) that indicates when recording has been mailed out or other paths of return. Since I thought I was doing this clever, great system when I introduced the log into our office, I was totally surprised to find out that this is routine in most offices and is, in fact, required of the town clerk. 

Well, it is snowing here after having a day of dreary rain. More snow predicted - as it should be. 

Happy December, everyone! 

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When we receive recording with no return envelope, we send back a notice requesting self-addressed, stamped envelopes in the future. Most regular recorders have made it a habit to send the envelopes. 

Our notice reads: 


Our office requests a self-addressed, stamped envelope accompanying documents for their return. 

If you are located in the area and prefer not to include a stamp return envelope, your documents may be picked up in person. 

Thank you. 

In many areas of the country it’s a requirement to provide a return envelope. 

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I seem to remember a time when folks sending in items to be recorded included self-addressed, stamped return envelopes but recently my office has been not been getting this curtesy. Are we (towns) required to cover the cost of return mailing postage for recordings? Can we include a bill for the postage or refuse to mail these back (some of which are fairly costly)? I would appreciate knowing what other towns are doing or if you have policies about this. Please feel free to respond directly to me (not on the listserve) if you want a smaller audience for your responses. 


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