Good Afternoon Municipal Officials,


I have two purposes for this email – the first is that I would like to provide all listers and assessors with an update on the processing of Current Use applications, Easy-outs, and discontinuances.  The second is that I would like to introduce Property Valuation & Review’s (PVR) new Business Analyst Jill Remick. Jill has an extensive background in communications and she is going to help PVR develop and maintain more regular communications with municipalities and other State agencies around issues which may impact them. Jill is going to work with and draw on the experience of the District Advisors to help share information on issues being seen throughout the State and support the Current Use section when improving existing or implementing new processes so you can expect to hear more from her in the future.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the listers, assessors, other State agencies, and town clerks for their hard work and flexibility in this difficult processing year. I apologize for the disruption caused to all of our partners in managing Current Use enrollments this year by processing delays in PVR and would like to say that my staff has gone above and beyond to do everything in their power to limit the impact by thinking creatively and proactively identifying potential roadblocks.


The Current Use section has made some exceptional progress over the last month and we hope that the vast majority, if not all, of the Current Use workload will be resolved prior to the new year. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this update please bring them to me as the Current Use section is working extremely hard and is focused on finishing the 2015 workload prior to December 31st and I would be happy to discuss them with you.


And now for the update (courtesy of Elizabeth Hunt).




Total Parcel Easy-outs

·         267 applications approved

·         17,298.95 acres removed from enrollment

·         Enrolled land was valued at $25,730,664 in the 2014 grand list

·         LUCT forgiven $3,282,573,74

·         $53,396.04 collected from the three parcels over the $50k limit


Partial Easy-outs


·         470 applications approved

·         5,191.79 acres removed from enrollment

·         Calculated fair market value of removed acres $8,602,281.05 (actual value will be generated by municipalities)


Denied Easy-outs

·         12 applications denied primarily due to eligibility issues (e.g. previous development)


Remaining Easy-outs to be processed

·         Approximately 150 applications still to be approved or denied, most of which are partial withdrawals


2015 Tax Year Enrollment Applications/Discontinuances


·         260 applications remaining to be reviewed

·         44 under county forester review

·         1,372 applications approved

·         30 applications denied

·         29 applications withdrawn by landowner (e.g. duplicates or decided not to enroll)

·         177 applications waiting for town clerk recording in eCuse

·         Approximately 60 discontinuances, however, this number can still increase due to the application review process and failure to respond to inquiries already sent by Current Use





Douglas R. Farnham

Director, Property Valuation & Review

Vermont Department of Taxes



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