I'm reaching out to see what other people have been doing for their core ethernet switches.

It is time to upgrade our HP - 4200vl chassis Gig ethernet switch.  HP has discontinued it, and with the advent of 802.11ac WiFi it is looking like a bottleneck as all of our access points dump 1 gig of traffic each on this switch.

Also, I am hearing of school districts who are getting 10 Gig Internet connections, so I finally have something to connect a 10 Gig backbone to.  (we don't have any servers to speak of)

Currently we have 92 One Gig copper ports on our core switch and a single Gig fiber port going out to the Internet.  3 of the Gig copper ports go to HP-v1910-G48 switches in the IDFs (wiring closets scattered around the school).  We have multiple Cat6 runs to the IDFs but with eRate possibly helping with this upgrade putting fiber in is an option.

I would like a solution where I can connect all of the IDF's at 10 Gigs, and as the need arises over the next 5 years or so add 10 Gig copper connections to the classroom switches (each classroom currently has an 8 Port Gig Copper HP-1810-8G).  I'm thinking some sort of a chassis switch that has 10 Gig Fiber, 10 Gig copper and 1 Gig copper.

Does anyone have any favorites they would suggest?  Why is it doing a good job meeting your needs?  What is the support like?  Have you had any problems?

If an appropriate core switch were identified the next step would be to upgrade the IDF's then work on out to the classrooms.

Thanks in Advance!
Craig Lyndes
St Albans City School


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