Hey Everyone,

Welcome back!! I hope you all had a great break full of relaxation and  
awesome experiences. Sorry for the short notice, but our first meeting  
will be tomorrow, Thursday 1/21/15, at 7pm in Perkins 107. (Where we  
held our meetings last semester). There will be pizza! We're going to  
give this time slot a shot, and discuss the possibility of better ones  

We've got a lot to discuss including the Nicaragua project, the rain  
garden project, Labdoo.org (Laptop sharing program), EWB International  
Conference, as well as some updates from our good friends over at the  
VT Professional Chapter.

A quick note for the rain garden squad: I know some of you prefer to  
keep your focus on the rain garden project, but it would be great if  
you came to the general meetings as well. This way you will be more  
familiar with the general scope of EWB's goals & develop better  
relationships with your fellow EWB members.

See ya tomorrow!

Sean Brennan