Hi Mathew,
Don't know if this will help but a few years ago I interfaced a LECO to a VG
mass spec at the EMBRAPA Agrobiology facility at Seropedica just outside Rio
in Brazil.
The main problem that I faced was that unlike the usual nitrogen analysers
which vent all of the sample to waste the LECO takes a very small aliquot of
the sample which poses a problem on interfacing into the mass spec source
and on sensitivity. 
Normally all of the waste is interfaced through a "splitter" unit which
allows the correct gas flow into the source but on the LECO the aliquot has
to reach the mass spec source to give ion beams of sufficient intensity to
make reproducible and accurate results. 
Current mass specs claim to be much more sensitive than those of the 1990's
but the problem of interfacing and sensitivity will still present an
interesting challenge for you and your colleagues but take heart from the
fact that it has been done. 
Good luck.
Bob Cokayne.
Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer Consultant (retired)

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Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] Use LECO FP528 as an EA with Thermo IRMS?

Happy New Year Isogeochem!

I have access to a LECO FP528 (similar to a Truspec N, I believe).  Has
anyone used this as an EA for solids analysis connected to a Thermo Delta V
IRMS?  If so, I am curious about any lessons learned or pitfalls or other
helpful hints.  Thanks in advance!



Matthew Rogers
ENRI Stable Isotope Laboratory
The University of Alaska Anchorage
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