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On our Delta-V Plus (same source control board as the advantage but w/o the quad control  - pretty sure), we measure across pins MP313 (common) and MP317 for the trap voltage measurement (usually 0-40V). Electron Energy is J348 (vs MP313).

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Andy Ross (CEOAS, OregonStateU)

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My Delta V Advantage is acting oddly, and I'd like to measure the trap voltage to verify that it is working properly. Does anyone know which pin on the board I would have to measure against? Not the board ground, which is offset 3kV.

- Yes, I know that the board, when live, carries 3kV and is dangerous
- Yes, I know that measuring vs the wrong points will blow sh!t up
- Yes, I know the cabinet has a lockout

I've done this on other Delta versions, but don't have schematics or details for the board on this Delta V Advantage.

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