Thank you for your response. I'm not sure, though, that we have the same board.

The trap on my board (small one attached to the outside of the source feed through, PN2077590-00) has the trap attached to pin A2 (GND is A13, box is A4). I don't see any pins labelled in the format you describe....


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Hi Paul,

On our Delta-V Plus (same source control board as the advantage but w/o the quad control  - pretty sure), we measure across pins MP313 (common) and MP317 for the trap voltage measurement (usually 0-40V). Electron Energy is J348 (vs MP313).

Good Luck,
Andy Ross (CEOAS, OregonStateU)

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My Delta V Advantage is acting oddly, and I'd like to measure the trap voltage to verify that it is working properly. Does anyone know which pin on the board I would have to measure against? Not the board ground, which is offset 3kV.

- Yes, I know that the board, when live, carries 3kV and is dangerous
- Yes, I know that measuring vs the wrong points will blow sh!t up
- Yes, I know the cabinet has a lockout

I've done this on other Delta versions, but don't have schematics or details for the board on this Delta V Advantage.

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