The regulators used in Thermo gear are Porter brand, are they not? Check out the Porter website for specs. They will at least give the intended range of operating pressures, if not the safety maximum.

You might be better trying to argue that 45 psi hardly constitutes a dangerous pressure, especially when of such tiny volume, than to cut into your lovely high-purity gas supplies, but good luck with that.



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Subject: [ISOGEOCHEM] Maximum Inlet Pressure for Ref (CO2, N2) and He for GC-C III & Conflo II Interfaces


Hi everyone,


I’m looking for documentation that states what the maximum allowable pressures are for the gas inlets for the GC-C III and Conflo II (or really, any of the vintages of these interfaces, since I’m sure they’ll all be the same) for the ref gases and helium. I need to purchase and install a safety relief valve for all of our GC-IRMS gases (have you ever priced a stainless steel relief valve with viton seat — wow they are expensive!) and I can’t find this information anywhere on our instrument or in our documentation. Historically our delivery pressure is set to ~45 psi, and the max delivery pressure from the regulators on the interfaces is ~40 psi. However, my wonderful pressure systems safety department *eyeroll* will not certify our “pressure system” unless we can document what the manufacturer’s stated max pressure is for the device.


Any advice/information is greatly appreciated!






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