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Thermo MAT 253 IRMS Mass Spectrometer for sale


We currently have a Thermo MAT 253 IRMS mass spectrometer off lease for sale.  The system is in excellent physical condition and meets all manufacturers’ specifications.  The system was tested, de-installed, and packed by a Thermo engineer.   The MAT 253 and it’s components come with a 30 day warranty, and are currently sitting in our offices, in an environmentally controlled tech room, ready for shipment. 


We are currently asking $215,000 (USD), or best offer for the system.  Price excludes shipping and any applicable taxes. 


Below is a configuration of the system:


Description / Configuration

·       Finnigan Mat 253 Mass Spectrometer with 5 Cup CNOS collector

·       HD collector with two Faraday cups for either dual inlet

·       ConFlo-IV Universal Interface for continous flow preparation devices

·       GC IsoLink for C and N including TRACE GC ULTRA

·       0723594 H/D Refractor for GC IsoLink for C and N

·       Option for 18O/16O analysis of GC eluates

·       TriPlus autosampler for Trace GC-GSA  

·       Costech ECS 4020 combustion EA with Data Acquisition Software, includes Zero Blank Autosampler 

·       Direct Injection device for Costech

·       Inline Injection device (post combustion injection)

·       10-kVA three phase isolation  transformer and power conditioner, suited for 208 V 3-Phase input service

·       High Temp Conversion elemental analyzer (TC/EA) for bulk analysis of O and H

·       Zero blank autosampler (for use with TC/EA) w/control module, 50 position carosel, He diversion valve shutoff

·       Table for Computer & Printer

·       Peripherals support table


Please feel free to contact for a formal quote or if you would like any additional information. 


Thank you and best regards,




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