Dear all,
We invite you to contribute abstracts for our session *“New developments in
isotope and trace element analyses”*. The session will be held during the
22nd annual meeting of the *European Association of Archeologist*s from the
31th August to the 4th January 2016 in Vilnius (Lithuania).

*Submission deadline:* 15th of February 2015

*Session description:*

Trace element and isotope analyses are powerful tools for reconstructing
past human diets, mobility and environments as well as establishing
chronologies and provenancing materials and artifacts. With the recent
developments in measurement methodologies for mass spectrometry during the
90’s, it is now possible to precisely and accurately measure stable isotope
compositions of new elements (e.g. B, Ca, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mg, Nd, Pb, Sb, Sr,
Zn) in all kind of materials, opening up new perspectives for
archaeological sciences.
This session aims to bring together researchers that are working on new
techniques as well as scholars that employ traditional techniques using
novel approaches to interpret their data (for example the interpretation of
multiple isotope/trace element analyses of the same sample). We invite
contributions that focus on a variety of materials, such as human or animal
tissues (e.g., bone, tooth, blood, shells), archaeological materials (e.g.
raw materials, ceramics, glass artifacts, metals, building stones) or
environmental samples from archaeological sites (e.g. speleothems, soils).
These contributions should show the potential of heavy stable and
radiogenic isotopes (Nd, Pb) for archaeological sciences or present new
developments in light stable isotope analyses (C,H,O,N,S). Studies that
integrate isotopic/trace element and archaeological data in an innovative
way are particularly welcomed, as well as discussions on the potential and
limitations of these analyses.
We hope that this session will demonstrate that these new techniques hold
great potential for a more integrated interpretation of the archaeological
record and that it is possible to get relevant archaeological information
employing these techniques which is currently beyond reach using a more
traditional approach.

Conveners: Esther Plomp (Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam), Dieter Broms (KU
Leuven), Klervia Jaouen (EVA-MPG, Leipzig)

Further information, including submission details, can be found on the
conference’s website:

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions, and hope to see many
of you in Vilnius.

Best wishes
Klervia Jaouen ([log in to unmask]), Esther Plomp and Dieter Broms

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