We would like to announce the following session on Volatile Emissions in Tectonically and Seismically Active Regions of the Earth's Crust at the Goldschmidt 2016 at Yokohama, Japan (26 June to 1 July).

Abstract submission and registration are now open.

Abstract submission deadline:26 February.

Session 08c: Establishing and Understanding Links between Seismicity and Gas Chemistry in Tectonically and Volcanically Active Regions

We solicit contributions that report on the chemistry and isotope systematics of gas emanations in volcanically- and seismically-active regions of Earth’s crust. Such emanations could include fumaroles, hot springs, groundwaters or gas seeps, and noble gases, major volatiles (CO2, N2, CH4), and trace gases (including higher hydrocarbons) are of particular interest. Both short and long-term monitoring studies are relevant especially if they are of sufficient sampling frequency to capture transient anomalies in the gas record. We are also interested in new developments in sampling/field instrumentation approaches that improve or complement standard sampling techniques. We aim to document and explain both pre- and post-event changes in gas characteristics, including fluxes, that can inform about magma movement, changes in subsurface permeability (faulting) and/or gas provenance issues. Ultimately, we aim to assess the relationship, if any, between variability in the gas record and active processes of volcanic and earthquake activity.

Keynote Speaker: Sheng Xu (SUERC; University of Glasgow)

We hope to see many of you in Yokohama!

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Guodong Zheng
Zhengfu Guo
Yuji Sano

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