The VLCT 2016 Municipal Policy that was sent to every member town prior to Town Fair, and subsequently voted on at Town Fair contained this item on page 5 under letter J. Everyone could have asked their selectboards to not approve that item when designating the person from each town that would vote on the document. I’m not sure if this is how the bill came about – from VLCT or not. But it was in there back in October.


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I just read about this – a Senate bill to appoint clerks and treasurers.  See below.  It claims that the VMCTA supports this bill.  Someone please explain to me why VMCTA would support the local legislative body appointing clerks and treasurers over the voting process.


The Senate is set to continue discussion of S.94, a bill that concerns the appointment of municipal clerks and treasurers. The bill, which hit the Senate floor again this week after sitting in the Senate Rules Committee since adjournment last year, would allow a municipality to vote to authorize its legislative body to appoint its VLCT Weekly Legislative Report No. 2 January 8, 2016 Page 4 municipal clerk or treasurer. Currently, Vermont law only allows for treasurers and clerks to be elected into office. Towns that opt to appoint the treasurer or clerk must secure that permission in a governance charter approved by the legislature. In the last two years, nine municipal charters or charter amendments were adopted locally to provide for appointment of a clerk or treasurer. A vote to authorize the legislative body to appoint a clerk or treasurer would remain in effect until rescinded by the voters, and a clerk or treasurer so appointed could only be removed by the legislative body for just cause after notice and hearing. This bill, which was reported favorably by the Senate Government Operations Committee, is supported by both VLCT and the Vermont Municipal Clerks’ and Treasurers’ Association.



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