I started this year with SeeSaw and really like it. It does much of what ShowMe, Educreations or Explain Everything do, but it is set up as a class-based student portfolio system. We wanted something to create and archive K-4 student work to feed into our 5+ grade Google sites for PLPs. Projects can be uploaded to Google Drive accounts, and also Google Drive photos, pdfs, files can be imported into SeeSaw. We don't activate Google accounts for K-3, so we may end up having students in 4-5 cull their SeeSaw portfolios and upload past work into their accounts at that age.

The free version is unrestricted but does not offer student management in a school, e.g., moving a student from one class to another. The fee-based version does, which I think I'll go to for at least the teachers who want to really integrate into their teaching.

I use Explain Everything as well, as SeeSaw doesn't lend itself to multiple "slides". I'd love it if Seesaw added this capability so we could use it for our foundational app. 

The student login process is about the simplest I've seen, although there are some security issues with students being able to access other students' "accounts." This hasn't proved to be a problem. 

So far our biggest use has been for students to take a photo of what they have read, done, or learned, and then voice record their reflections on their learning, or explanations of how they solved a problem, or their connection to a text, etc. We are using it on iPads and minis. I really really like that teachers can sign in online as well. 

The paid version adds Bulk Portfolio Download, which I hope provides a nice way to move to Google Drive for portfolio archiving. They just added a class blog element, which I haven't looked at. 

Jeffrey Jarrad
Technology Integrationist
Union Elementary School
Montpelier, VT 05602