Dynamic Landscapes 2016 updates have been posted!

Call for proposals is open! And yes, building a tech session is possible in any format!

Help some new people in your school get connected to other educators in VT (it's free!) and encourage them to give a presentation at DL 2016! 

We've booked a few National heavy hitters already to come in to lead a few immersive day long workshops at DL on Inquiry and Project based math, PLPs, and Open Education Resources!

Keynote by Jeff Mao from Common Sense Media!

Group pricing and buying vouchers for any VITA-Learn conference in advance will be announced next week!

Grab all the details on the latest DL updates here!

Help us spread the word and get some of those folks doing innovative work to submit proposals! Help them share their work with an audience and build connections!

Dynamic Landscapes 2016 is shaping up nicely! Just getting started.

We win!


Adam A. Provost, MAT
Technology Integration - Partnership for Change Initiative 

President, VITA-Learn
Educational Professional Development in Vermont


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