Hello birders,

My apologies for the potentially off-topic post, but I thought birders might
want to know about a birding trip I'm leading to the Lower Rio Grande Valley
of Texas.

Needless to say, it's a spectacular birding destination and April will be
the perfect time to experience both resident species and plenty of migrants.
And who knows, maybe the Northern Jacana hanging out at Santa Ana will stick
around for us!


For more information you can visit the North Branch Nature Center website - or email me at
[log in to unmask] Or even better, give me a call at the
number below.

And check out Bryan Pfeiffer's recent blog post, if you're looking for some

Best, Chip


Chip Darmstadt, Executive Director

North Branch Nature Center

(802) 229-6206 <> 


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In 2013, six women scientists squeezed through the twisting passages of
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