At 2pm there was a mixed flock of about 200 Cedar and 80 Bohemian 
waxwings visiting the flowering crabapple trees in the parking lot 
behind the Middlebury College Museum of Art. I also saw a 
Sharp-shinned Hawk take two unsuccessful runs at them. An adult Bald 
Eagle flew by overhead as well showing no interest in either crabapples 
or Waxwings. 

Ron Payne
Middlebury, VT

On Sun, 24 Jan 2016 14:53:27 -0500, "Ian A. Worley"  wrote:

       Well, actually a chorus of rather buzzy trills all searching for the
same pitch. 

Just now, 69 Bohemian Waxwings lounging atop a couple of walnut trees
behind the house. Unlike the common comment of late "I searched for a
Bohemian among the Cedar Waxwings," I can say ..... 

.... I searched for a Cedar Waxwing among the Bohemians, but no luck.