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> I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the heaviest rain and highest
> temps seem to have come after dark, and I'm afraid of what it did to the
> remaining snow pack.  The Smuggs report this evening now shows all natural
> snow trails closed, while this morning nearly all of Sterling was open.

Based on webcam footage this morning it seems the natural base has remained
intact overall in northern VT. Its a testament to just how durable it was
before the monsoon yesterday.

Here in western MA the temp profiles and winds yesterday were highly
entertaining in their variability. I found a few hour ski window in the
afternoon without rain or wind at a closed Berkshire East. Its northish
aspects seemed to protect it from the southern blast even as the wind
turbine up top was rotating at a healthy clip. Temps were highest up top
(low 40s) and stayed in the 30s in the protected east-west valley that the
lower mountain sits in. Even though the snowmaking trails were showing bare
spots the thin natural base held up and my last run was on a natural snow
trail (Liftline) sporting a 2" peelaway layer on top of a half inch of
sludge. When life gives lemons, make a lemonade slurpee.


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