Ok, this has very little to do with adequate resources and innovative online info, but... Provide table space not filled by computers. Comfy seating or  at least a place where there aren't hard chairs. I like to put out the health newsletter-y stuff we get (not subscription) and duplicates of the standards (NEJM, JAMA etc) for general reading (tossed after 3 months).
 Adequate lighting is something often overlooked and take into account the window glare factor when positioning the computer terminals.
Finally, if you get to choose the paint, choose not-beige. We are limited by Corporate as to palette, but I just got an accent wall painted a lovely warm burnt pumpkin. It picked up the warm colors in the "Berber" carpeting and provides great visual relief from the rest of the BEIGE. I brought in my van Gogh poster print of Starry Night (no room for it at home) and hung in on that wall. Made all the difference. I know this is "a thing" now in Library world, but seriously, Library as Place has become important in hospitals. So many of my Attendings come in for just a brief respite, and the residents practically move in. They are by far my heaviest users, but I make sure the nurses feel welcome, too (they have their own bulletin board where I post stuff for their information). And of course, the library is for all employees.

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There is a small hope that our very small Drug Information Center may be upgraded to a full fledged Health Sciences Library...

The current space is just a few ranges of shelves and a few computers. What other more traditional library elements would you consider essential in a modern academic health sciences library?

Are there any non traditional elements that should be considered?

I will summarize for the list when complied.

George Bergstrom

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