It sounds awesome and one of the reasons I love being a hospital librarian. I want (and I'm sure you all do, too) my docs and all the staff to consider the library their home away from home, even with the clutter and the mess that can sometimes entail. I have bath blankets in one of my libraries all the time...well, technically not in the library, but since the residents' lounge is connected to the library, the blankets show up about twice a month. I do holiday candy (can't afford to do candy all the time) and I encourage communication via the white board I had installed. We take polls as to who will win World Cup (FMGs do not care about the World Series or even the Superbowl, but watch their eyes light up if you mention the cricket finals or soccer!), using the white board to track winnings etc.
Yes, it's soft and not cutting edge tech (I can't even think of a cutting edge tech that would impress librarians--I'm no techie!), but it's about serving all patrons in as many ways as we can. It's great to hear other people's LAP innovations! Keep them coming.

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Electrical outlets are critical, as is access to them. In other words, the electrical plan and the furniture plan should work together.

After I found a medical student trying to take a nap all scrunched up on the love seat, I have kept two pillows and two blankets available for use. As I speak a medical student has a blanket on his lap as he sits by a window and studies. The Pepper the Perfect Petzz Puppy is breathing and gently snoring (new battery) on a nearby desk, and the Jolly Ranchers are out. So yes, Library as Place is very important here. And as I bid each rotation adieu, I encourage them to befriend the Librarian in future placements, if there is one, and to advocate for libraries in the months and years ahead. How's that for non-traditional?

Best of luck,
Louise McLaughlin

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There is a small hope that our very small Drug Information Center may be upgraded to a full fledged Health Sciences Library...

The current space is just a few ranges of shelves and a few computers. What other more traditional library elements would you consider essential in a modern academic health sciences library?

Are there any non traditional elements that should be considered?

I will summarize for the list when complied.

George Bergstrom

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Instructional Librarian
Sullivan University - Louisville

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