I forgot to add one more thing: when you're putting in the electrical outlets, make sure to get RELIABLE wireless access with a STRONG SIGNAL and bandwidth of MORE THAN 2400 BAUD.

And don't ask me about the capital letters, or why I think this would be a good idea. I just do.

I'd actually prefer wired network jacks, but IT departments are justifiably nervous about people plugging their own equipment into hospital networks.


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Electrical outlets are critical, as is access to them. In other words, the electrical plan and the furniture plan should work together.

After I found a medical student trying to take a nap all scrunched up on the love seat, I have kept two pillows and two blankets available for use. As I speak a medical student has a blanket on his lap as he sits by a window and studies. The Pepper the Perfect Petzz Puppy is breathing and gently snoring (new battery) on a nearby desk, and the Jolly Ranchers are out. So yes, Library as Place is very important here. And as I bid each rotation adieu, I encourage them to befriend the Librarian in future placements, if there is one, and to advocate for libraries in the months and years ahead. How's that for non-traditional?

Best of luck,
Louise McLaughlin

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There is a small hope that our very small Drug Information Center may be
upgraded to a full fledged Health Sciences Library...

The current space is just a few ranges of shelves and a few computers. What
other more traditional library elements would you consider essential in a
modern academic health sciences library?

Are there any non traditional elements that should be considered?

I will summarize for the list when complied.

George Bergstrom

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Instructional Librarian
Sullivan University - Louisville

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