That's fantastic! A colleague in my hospital system has a novel/non-healthcare lit rack--PPB, bring one, take on sort of thing. Staff and visitors love it. I love the adult coloring book pages idea! I have a chess set out and right now, 2 residents are playing. Oh, they're not at the table playing. They're doing it asynchronously because one is on nocs and the other on days. They leave post-it notes: white to move etc. What I marvel at is that the other residents don't touch the pieces.

It's so fun and such a community. Visitors and patients are not allowed access to one of my libraries, so I can make it a bit more personal. (And yes, I get irritated when they leave a trail of mess like half empty coffee cups etc, so it's not all unicorns and rainbows around here...)

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I have only been in my position a few months, and I'm trying to implement small changes in my hospital library.  It's pretty small, so I doubt I will have anyone sleeping here, but I make sure I always have candy bowls out, and I've put out adult coloring sheets and colored pencils for people to stop in and chill out.  I'm planning on putting up some posters on the walls that will warm the place up a bit, and rearrange seating.  I've also set up a small spot for people to pick up paperbacks for free.  As a previous bookseller/store assistant manager, I have heaps of books to share.  As I read them, I bring them in and leave them on the shelf.  I am a big believer in making the library a space that is comfortable, yet a good place to work and relax even for a short time.