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I did a search in PubMed on human rights and access to care (if you do this same search in CINAHL, you can limit to peer review and United States as the geographic area) :

MeSH terms would be:

Health Services Accessibility

Human Rights

Filters are last 5 years, journal articles, Bioethics (Subjects filter), and nursing (Journal categories filter)

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Subject: An Interesting question

One of my nursing instructors has posed an interesting question to her class that is driving them all nuts. They've finally come to me, and I'm looking, but I thought I'd throw it out to the group for opinions/advice as well. Here is the assignment:

"Using the ethical principle of justice, determine whether health care in this country should be a right or a privilege. Are the uninsured and the insured “unequals” that should be treated accordingly to their differences?

Does the type of health insurance that one has also create a system of “unequals”? If so, are the unequals being treated according to their differences?"

She has requested a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed resources from each student.

Any help is appreciated. This isn't a topic I've researched before.

Many Thanks!

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