See below for information on the VT Urban & Community Forestry Program's upcoming lunchtime webinar.  Please share with your volunteer boards.  Thank you! 

Managing diverse viewpoints: Decision-making and best practices on volunteer boards

Wednesday, February 24th, 12-1pm EST

Citizen-powered boards, committees, and commissions are an invaluable resource to Vermont cities and towns; they are often tasked with coordination, advocacy, and raising awareness about relevant community issues, such as the management and cultivation of a healthy public tree population.  However, these groups often comprise individuals with varying, and sometimes conflicting, viewpoints. Join us for our February webinar to understand common - and unique - challenges of viewpoint diversity and to explore a variety of best practices for managing conflict and making group decisions. This presentation may be particularly useful to municipal board, committee, and commission members, especially those that make decisions concerning natural resources and public trees, and the Vermont Tree Wardens who work with them.  

Our presenter is Emily Silver Huff, Research Forester with the USDA Forest Service and adjunct faculty member at the University of Massachusetts.

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