Our Selectboard Clerk takes the minutes for any informational meetings. I only take minutes at Town Meeting.



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As I understand it - as for any minutes, the only thing necessary is to record actions - so it would only require a record of the votes taken.  Since no votes are taken at an informational meeting then no details of the meeting are required other than the opening, attendance, adjournment, etc.  However, although not a requirement, I would probably include enough detail to summarize the discussion and note enlightening details of the discussion.  Of course the problem is that by doing this the person taking minutes may inject their own biases and opinions into the matter by only including points they personally find enlightening.


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Hi Annette,


24 V.S.A. § 1152 Record of proceedings of meetings, states that “The clerk shall record all proceedings of all town meetings and his record shall be deemed to be the true and official record of all action taken at that meeting provided it has been approved and attested by any two of the following town officers present at the meeting: moderator, selectmen, and justices of the peace.”


Statute is not clear about what does not constitute a town meeting, as such the “pre-town meeting informational meeting” could be considered a town meeting, especially if the meeting is open to the entire town.



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Subject: Minutes for town meeting informational meetings


Having a little discussion here…..Do town clerks in other municipalities take minutes at pre-town meeting informational meetings?


Elections Division of Sec. State- please feel free to comment.

Thanks all.



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