I was again surprised that Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! failed to 
note this morning (Tuesday) that there is a firestorm of efforts to 
not accept the pharmaceutical-driven explanation (the "lone gunman" 
Zika virus) for the upsurge in cases of infant microcephaly 
particularly in Brazil.

The No Spray Coalition against pesticides has been compiling articles 
and educated viewpoints from scientists, ecologists and activists to 
be able to present a comprehensive picture of what is actually going 
on with the infant deformities now attributed to the previously very 
mild Zika virus.

Right now, there seem to be three main causal theories apart from 
"the virus did it":
- the release of Genetically Modified mosquitoes;
- a newly required vaccine; and
- mass application of certain pesticides;
each of which may be the cause of the outbreak. In Brazil's case, we 
need to also look at the effects of their mutual (synergistic) interactions.

If you have research items to contribute, please post them to 
ActionGreens. The NoSpray.org website will collect and post this info 
within the next few days.

Thank you.

Mitchel Cohen

Lead essay: <http://www.mitchelcohen.com/>Remembering Richard Levins 
.... The Struggle for Ecological Agriculture in Cuba.

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